Hittagraven - Search among the buried in Stockholm

Historical burial records register

We have made parts of our older burial records register available here as PDF documents. The hand written records have been scanned in and consequently the files are relatively large. The records are an aid to the burial records that are sorted by grave certificate number order. They make it possible to find what you are looking for by name in the alphabetical databases, or interment date in the chronological databases. The databases for single graves are sorted by the old grave number.

Please also see the translation table that translates the old grave number to the block where the grave exists today.

Chronological database

Contains information on the date of the funeral, corpse number, family or single grave number, the deceased, year of birth, congregation, date of death. Sorted in the order the funerals were made with corpse number as index. Covers Norra begravningsplatsen, Sandsborgskyrkogården and Skogskyrkogården for the years 1920 -1967.

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Alphabetical database

Shows the buried sorted by the first letter of their last name and then in chronological order by month. Contains the deceased, grave number and corpse number. Covers Norra begravningsplatsen (1861-1967), Sandsborgskyrkogården (1895-1967) and Skogskyrkogården (1920-1967).

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Single graves

Shows the buried in the order they were buried sorted by grave number. Contains the deceased, corpse number and grave number. Covers Sandsborgskyrkogården (1895-1967) and Skogskyrkogården (1920-1967).

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 In order to read the files you need Adobe Reader installed.